We know that motion capture is more than just donning a lycra suit, running around with a wooden gun and killing zombies.

To convey the raw truth and believability, it takes the same commitment and preparation as a screen or stage role. It is a specific skill requiring expertise.


How do you bring the realism of being a soldier, carrying a 100kg bag on your back with everything you need for 3 weeks on a mission? When its -2 degrees. In the pouring rain. And your being shot at.

How do you become a Gorilla, with all its intricate body movements, and non-verbal communication?

What does it mean to make sure I am in the volume, being caught by all 40+ motion cameras and avoiding occlusion;

being undeterred by working with a mounted camera headset;

or being the 'player' acting as the virtual camera, mindful of movement as the 'camera' whilst simultaneously staying in character and continuing to play the story and action?"



5 professional, trained actors, with experience in the volume, who have worked together and form a trusted ensemble. We are like a military unit. Focused. Dedicated. Credible. Experts. Ready to smash the mocap mission apart.

If you want to make sure the job gets done;

If you want to trust the accuracy of the characters and game story being told;

and if you want to relax in the safety that the actors know what they are doing then THE MOCAP CREW. is your solution for

Motion Capture

Facial Capture

Full performance Capture (body, face, voice)